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Welcome to the Mini Season 2012-13

And what a year ! New Clubhouse and the Clubs 40th Anniversary 1973 - 2013.

Letterkenny RFC Mini Section started 8 years ago and has grown massively as the popularity of rugby has increased in the country. We now field teams at all levels from Under 7 to Under 11 with full squads and a full panel of volunteer coaches. Our focus for all players is fun, participation, life skills and sporting development. We follow the IRFU guidelines in the Long Term Player Development  pathway in attempting to give our players the very best start in their rugby careers and as much fun as possible in a safe environment. New players are invited to join our club to make new friends and to enjoy the great sport of Rugby Union. 

What do you need

The ethos and discipline of rugby is repected worldwide, and safety is always of the highest importance. To allow your child to enjoy and partake in all aspects of training there are a few essentials that you should know. Pleas Note:

  • It is a winter sport. Rugby Players are at home in the mud, rain and cold. Ensure your mini player is dressed accordingly.  Layer their clothes to allow them to add or remove items during the session.  Make sure they have dry clothes to change into after the session.
  • It is a Collision Sport. Contact is introduced at U8s.  Therefore gumshields are essential AND mandatory.  Please ensure they are correctly fitted.  Other protective gear is optional at this time.
  • Show Respect.  As a rugby player you "just get on with with it"..... Respect for team mates, opposition, coaches and referees is the backbone of any rugby club.  Bad Language, back-chat and Off-ball is not tolerated.

This link will show you who is who this season if you have any queries or questions, Ask any Coach..  Please click to download this article for reference.


Mini Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns, our volunteer qualified/trained coaching team is here to assist.


Peter Orsi
Mobile number - 086 380 0280
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Please contact re all Mini Rugby enquiries and Fixtures


Mary Walker Callaghan Minis Chairperson

Mary Walker Callaghan

Mobile No: 087 679 1898
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




BoydUnder 11's Head Coach

Boyd Robinson
Mobile number - 087 236 2998

2nd Coach:
Peter McGeehin,
Marshall McCloghan
Andrew Speers
James Sparks


Under 10's Head Coach: Michael Douglas  Mobile number - 085 754 0754

2nd Coach:
Derek Plumb
Dr Jim Sweeney

Under 9's Head Coach

Shaun MacGuinness - 087 7626055

2nd Coach:
Andrew Stewart
Garrett Farrell
Peter Orsi



 Under 8's Head Coach

Paddy Bond
Mobile number - 086 239 0325

2nd Coach Marty Bond 




Under 7s coach

Salem Rayes - 086 3149426


Where do you belong as a player ?

Age groupings changed in 2011 as the Ulster Branch set the rugby year from July to June. The table below will give you an indication as to the team you belong to.

U19 Players who haven't reached their 19th birthday by 1st July 2013
U17 Players who haven't reached their 17th birthday by 1st July 2013
U15 Players who haven't reached their 15th birthday by 1st July 2013
U13 Players who haven't reached their 13th birthday by 1st July 2013

Born after June 31st 2001 AND before July 1st 2002   You are: U12

Born after June 31st 2002 AND before July 1st 2003   You are: U11
Born after June 31st 2003 AND before July 1st 2004   You are: U10
Born after June 31st 2004 AND before July 1st 2005   You are: U9
Born after June 31st 2005 AND before July 1st 2006   You are: U8
Born after June 31st 2006 AND before July 1st 2007   You are: U7

Some other Ulster clubs use a different age reference system which you may come across when we travel.

J8 or P8 = U12,     P7 = U11,     P6 = U10,     P5 = U9,     P4 = U8

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